Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Safe Disposal of Energy Saving Lightbulbs

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Friday, November 12, 2010

This City Works For You: Save on Electricity

The city has put some very interesting facts on energy consumption up on their website. Information relating to cost per hour for running household appliances, from your electric blanket on preheat to your 100 Watt lamp. 

Tips for energy saving at work include:

  • Turn off the photocopier when you leave - a photocopier left on overnight wastes enough energy to make about 1 600 copies!

  • Turn off your computer monitor - a monitor left on overnight wastes enough energy to laser-print about 800 A4 pages! By turning off your monitor energy consumption can be reduced by 50%

  • Leaving the lights on in an empty office overnight wastes enough energy to make about 1000 cups of coffee!

  • Save 10% of an air-conditioner electricity bill by turning the thermostat down 1º in winter
    and up 1º in summer

  • View the page here to see all the stats and the other saving tips.
    More saving tips can be viewed on the Eskom website.

    State assets won’t be liquidated to fund Eskom

    There is new information about the previously mentioned loan to Eskom.
    Government’s R20 billion equity injection into Eskom will not be funded by liquidating non-core state assets after all. Government communicators have conceded they made an error with their earlier statement to that effect, and said the funding will actually come from Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s budget process.

    News of the additional funding comes two weeks after Gordhan announced the extension of a loan guarantee to the power utility which now totals R350 billion. In an email under the heading “urgent correction” a government communicator said a recommendation to liquidate non-core state assets to fund an Eskom equity injection was not approved by Cabinet’s Economic Cluster.

    Government’s Spokesperson Themba Maseko said the equity injection is aimed at helping Eskom with its balance sheet. “We believe that we’re strengthening Eskom’s ability to go to the markets to raise additional capital so that it can continue with the building programme,” he said.
    Maseko said they intend to remove all doubts on Eskom’s ability to keep the lights on.

    Article Via Eye Witness News

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Save Electricity: Tips

    Eskom has put together some simple tips on how to save electricity.
    Tips including:

    Switch the iron off once it has reached it's temperature.
     It will stay hot longer than you think.
    And you wont have to keep paying!

    Taking a shower uses less water than a bath,
    so you save both water and electricity (to heat the water)
    Showers save!

    View the pdf here. for more tips on saving electricity.

    Eskom ’honoured’ by R15 billion loan

    Eskom on Thursday said it was truly honoured by the faith that the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) has shown it regarding its future plans.

    The bank and the local power utility signed a R15 billion loan agreement in Midrand on Thursday morning.

    The money will be drawn over a five year period to fund various projects to increase the country’s electricity generating capacity.

    It’s the biggest loan that the bank has ever approved.

    Eskom CEO Brian Dames said, “It’s a very public statement by the bank in terms of its confidence in Eskom and Eskom’s ability."

    "We are truly honoured by the faith and trust that your bank has shown in our organisation as well as the future of our country,” he added.