Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About us

We are a Social Enterprise committed to inspire all South Africans, but especially the youth, to think innovatively, develop “eyes” that can “see” socio-economic need in society and come up with innovative solutions. We want to be instrumental in connecting aspirant innovators, in an enabling and empowering way, to the resources available through institutions of higher learning, policy makers, local authorities, financiers, etc. Through this we aim to contribute to the development of an ECO-SYSTEM in which INNOVATION will flourish, engender and instil a spirit of ENTREPRENEURSHIP and a SOCIAL HEART as integrated concepts and NOT as mutually exclusive initiatives. Our own business model, therefore, follows exactly these principles.


Through our Conference and Expo we aim to achieve the following:

·         Undo the myth that we, as a country, are NOT innovative and that all meaningful innovations originate in the northern hemisphere, i.e. UK, US, Europe, etc.

·         Actively pursue the search for the key ingredients needed to develop an eco-system in which innovation will flourish, then communicate the findings and provide a platform where the best implementation practise can be discussed.   

·         Provide a platform for South African individuals, institutions and business to showcase their newest innovations in the ENERGY sector

·         Provide an opportunity for ENERGY INNOVATORS from all spheres of South African society to network, explore, learn and be inspired together.

·         Provide a single place where the PUBLIC and INDUSTRY can discover the latest innovations related to their energy needs.

·         Inspire learners and students to think “INNOVATION” through exposing them to practical demonstrations of and interactions with the latest innovations by the innovators themselves

·         Act as a KNOWLEDGE BASE and “NEXT-STEPS-SIGN-POST” to aspirant innovators

Appeal to Corporates:

If INNOVATION in the ENERGY sector is a concept which is NOT in conflict with your corporate BRAND, please consider being a part of this inspiring event.

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